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Why choose BarreConcept® as my barre certification?

BarreConcept is the first barre certification course in the world to gain international accreditation, so our instructors are recognised in the major Western countries. Our BarreConcept workout manual is the first Barre training manual to be published in the world and Emma has produced some of the world’s top selling barre DVD’s.

Most barre methods have originated from the Lotte Berk Method and BarreConcept is no different. However, using today’s knowledge of biomechanics and physiology, the method has been modernised and brought into the 21st century and set to high energy dance music. Fitness expert and creator of BarreConcept, Emma Newham, has over 25 years experience in the exercise industry. She has been delivering instructor training in the Pilates method for over a decade, having written several accredited courses and published 8 Pilates instructor training manuals.

The combined experience in delivering Pilates teacher training courses, with Emma’s own instructor qualifications, along with her background history of classical ballet training makes her the perfect master trainer to inspire others to deliver this method. You are only as good as your own teacher, so choose one with comprehensive, professional knowledge, an existing track record in delivering successful training and industry experience. Choose BarreConcept.

What are the benefits of adding BarreConcept® certification to my studio and, how do I go about this?

BarreConcept is the world’s only internationally accredited barre course, meaning it is recognised worldwide. Adding BarreConcept® to your studio can drive new traffic to your website and bring new clients to your door. Not only does this allow you to remain competitive in the marketplace but it can also dramatically increase profits.

Please see our Instructor Training link for a course near to you. If you wish to host a course at your own venue, please email us directly at emma@barreconcept.co.uk

What prerequisites are required to become a BarreConcept® Instructor?

You must already be a qualified, certified fitness professional in one of the following disciplines in order to qualify for the BarreConcept instructor training course. You will be asked to provide your certificates as proof of your current certification.

We accept any of the following qualifications:

Pilates teacher, Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Accredited Dance Instructor

Does the course qualify for any continuing professional development education credits?

BarreConcept is the first internationally accredited barre instructor training course in the world. Our instructor certification course carries the following CPD points:

UK Register of Exercise Professionals

– 16 REPS CPD Canadian CanFitPro
– 4 FIS CEC points Australian Pilates Method Alliance
– 18 CEC’s Fitness Australia – 15 CEC’s American Council on Exercise (ACE)
– 2.2 CEC’s Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) – 24 CEC’s

What assessments are involved in the BarreConcept® Certification?

Assessment One – Theory Quiz. There are 15 theory questions, which we will discuss on the course as a group task. For the online version, this will take the form of a quick quiz. Assessment Two – Practical one hour exam. You must submit a video of you teaching a minimum of two healthy adults.

ou must teach from your choreographed week 5 lesson plan routine that you will learn on the course. This one hour lesson routine includes the warm up, barre work and floorwork. You will be assessed on a list of selected criteria. These categories include: safety; modifications; teaching points; observation; correction; demonstration; proper technique; tactile cueing; pitch and tone of voice. You will be given the full list of criteria on the course so that you can prepare for your practical assessment accordingly.

How long does it take to receive my final certificate?

After completion of the instructor training certification, you are allowed 60 days to submit your video assessment. Upon receipt of the your video, a period of one month is allowed to view and mark your submission. On successful completion of all assessments, your BarreConcept certificate will be posted directly out to you.

There is a fee of £45 to submit your video assessment and receive your final certificate and exam report.

How do I get assessed in my final practical?

You must submit your practical exam video 60 days after course completion. This is based upon the lesson plan you will work from on your certification course. You will also receive an exam DVD detailing the routine you will have to teach, along with the information you will need to include in your assessment.

BarreConcept certification depends upon certain assessment criteria being satisfied. These categories include: safety; modifications; teaching points; observation; correction; demonstration; proper technique; tactile cueing; pitch and tone of voice. You will be given the full list of criteria on the course so that you can prepare for your practical assessment accordingly. You will receive a written report along with your result, detailing areas for improvement.

What happens if I am unsuccessful?

In the event that you refer on your initial exam, then you may submit your unsuccessful assessments again. This will incur another £45 fee. However, if you refer on your second attempt, we suggest you complete the teacher training again.

This will be offered to you at half the price of the cost of your original course fee. We want our instructors to provide top quality instruction and we will support our teachers in every way we can in order to be successful.

How do I keep my professional knowledge up to date?

Becoming a member of the BarreConcept Instructor Network, you have access to the online choreography in order to help you plan your class routines. Aside from choreography ideas, this portal also shows exercise technique tips and anatomy review videos.

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Whether it’s a one off session or a mentoring programme, Emma gives advice and guidance on a range of topics from: Accreditation; Quality Assurance; Franchising; Business Development; Licensing; General Coaching and much more. Try before you buy and book a free 20 minute chat to discuss your options.

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What Do Others Think?

"When I have a doubt she promptly answer to my question"

"Emma Newham is someone who truly enjoys and has a passion for sharing her Pilates knowledge. She has professionality, enthusiasm and care for your well being and also for your preparation as teacher. She is my BarreConcept teacher and she is so friendly and helpful even if long distance take us apart as I'm from Rome, Italy. When I have a doubt she promptly answer to my question. She is my best teacher."

Ms C Ciolli

"The videos are brilliantly demonstrated and I've gained so much knowledge”

"Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the Pilates Mat course. The videos are brilliantly demonstrated and I've gained so much knowledge about teaching from you. I'm a sports massage therapist so teaching is not a skill I've needed to develop and I've been a bit apprehensive about it, but your style of teaching has been a huge encouragement. "

Ms G Wyeth

"The course content was invaluable to my teaching repertoire"

"I just finished a course with Emma in Dublin on BarreConcept and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed a course so much. The course content was invaluable to my teaching repertoire, the days were filled with original and unique teaching methods, which were delivered in a fun, easy to understand manner and Emma was professional and empathetic to every one of us in training."

Ms A Vard

"This is an excellent, very comprehensive course."

"I am thoroughly delighted with Emma and the course. It’s a very good way to learn barre. Emma clearly knows her stuff. I like the design of the website and the structure of the learning tool. This is an excellent, very comprehensive course. I have recommended this course to a couple of my instructor friends. I believe this has to be the best online course I’ve seen. "

Ms D Ferguson

"Emma has given me a new lease of life teaching Pilates"

"Emma has helped me recently in so many ways. I have completed her detailed on line courses and feel competent to teach the techniques and exercises straight away after the brilliant videos and instructions. Having had a few issues myself over my teaching and my own business, and loosing some confidence, I contacted Emma who spent time out of her crazy schedule emailing me giving me support and advice which helped so much. Emma has given me a new lease of life teaching Pilates and made me believe in myself again. Thank you so much. "

Ms M Tibbetts

"Her dedication, knowledge and ability is second to none"

"Emma is a brilliant, articulate, passionate teacher who really cares about the people she teaches. Her dedication, knowledge and ability is second to none. The course I did with Emma was fun, exciting and full of new ways to teach which benefitted me greatly"

Ms C Smith

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